En même temps que

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  1. amely Senior Member

    En même temps que le gonflement de la dette, la crise du système éducatif est sans aucun doute la question majeure qui hypothèque l’avenir de notre pays et exige qu’on mette fin à cet immense gâchis.

    Can "En même temps que" here be translated as "Together with"?

    How is this for a translation?
    Together with the increase in debt, the education system's crisis is without a doubt the main question that mortgages the future of France [...]

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  2. hibouette Senior Member

    France and French
    together with is good !

    The french sentence is no correct, it should have been:
    Avec le gonflement de...
  3. frankyINtheSKY Member

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    Hey !!!

    I need help !
    Is that correct : "I developed my sales skills in a call centre during 8 months along to my studies". (en même temps que mes études)

    Il s'agissait d'un job le soir après les cours. (pas d'alternance)

    Thanks for your help,

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  4. noddy

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    English Uk
    alongside continuing my studies
  5. iolanthe Member

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    Hi :)
    I would usually write 'alongside' or 'along with', but the 'during' sounds a little awkward. Perhaps a better way of putting it would be

    'I developed my sales skills working in a call centre for 8 months alongside continuing my studies'

    I hope that helps
  6. Talie Member

    Belgium, Dutch
    I don't think :along to" exists. It should be "along with my studies". But that doesn't sound right so I suggest to put it another way:

    During my studies, I developed my sales skills working in a call centre for 8 months.

    You may want to have this checked by a native speaker though...
  7. louloubell84 Member

    This is grammatically perfect. I would use this.
  8. aoz Member

    "Il mange en meme temps qu'il travaille": could someone help me to translate that? Thanks
  9. bloomiegirl

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    Can you give it a try first? That's the usual custom here. ;)
  10. vsop44 Senior Member

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    He eats while working
    He eats while he works
  11. xianon New Member

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    Hi! I was reading an article Le Monde diplomatique earlier today when I came across a sentence that I'm not quite sure I understand, and I would love it if someone could help me out. It comes from an article discussing an income cap.

    En même temps qu'une idée née aux Etats-Unis il y a plus d'un siècle : limiter les revenue des plus riches.

    It's the "en même temps que" part of the sentence that is giving me trouble. The rest, if I'm not mistaken, would be "...an idea born in the US over a century ago: limiting the incomes of those who are wealthiest." So then... what am I missing?
  12. lucas-sp Senior Member

    English - Californian
    Well, obviously you're missing the previous sentence, which would probably contain the thing to which this idea is being "simultaneously" or doing something "contemporaneously":
    So "But, with the financial crisis, the link between the two is resurfacing - along with an idea..."

    Basically, this "idea" is "resurfacing" "en même temps que" the "lien." The sentence fragment is being used for dramatic effect.

    Hey, by the way!
  13. xianon New Member

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    Hm, I guess I'd just never seen a fragment like that set apart for emphasis before.

    Thanks! Much appreciated.

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