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This is a question of grammar.
I know that in English there are prepositional verbs such as "run to" (the verb still means "run")
There are also phrasal verbs such as "stand back" (here the radical meaning of the verb changes and it means the same as "stay away")
What would you call a verb such as "make sure" since it's the adjective "sure" that gives the verb its full meaning? Besides, do you have other examples?
Thank you!
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    Perhaps this is relevant:


    English has a number of other kinds of compound verb idioms. There are compound verbs with two verbs (e.g. make do). These too can take idiomatic prepositions (e.g. get rid of). There are also idiomatic combinations of verb and adjective (e.g. come true, run amok) and verb and adverb (make sure), verb and fixed noun (e.g. go ape); and these, too, may have fixed idiomatic prepositions (e.g. take place on).


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    These verbs are often called "phrasal verbs" or in French, verbes à particules. There are lots of them in English, and we cannot make a list in this thread (it would be outside of the scope of the forum). But there are plenty of lists elsewhere... :p

    In addition to the link Afbyorb has provided, you may also want to take a look at this post from our Resources subforum. :)