en masse

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Preet Kunj

Senior Member

Please can anyone explain what "en masse" means in the following sentence?

"L' opération est effectuée en masse afin de permettre la déclaration de tous les objets".

It is a technical document on a billing system software.

The paragraph also talks of the terms "XXXX en masse / XXXX unitaire".

My attempt: Complete operation/ operation in units (parts).

Thank you in advance.
  • Manirian

    Senior Member

    It means that you have a lot of these objects. For example an order "en masse" means you order a lot of objects (a group of the same objects or differnts objects to the same seller) so that the price is lower for one of them (like you can buy a tomatoe 30cts but if you buy 10 tomatos it's not 3euros it's 2euros and 50cts so that the price for one tomatoes is lowered because you buy several of them in one time) .
    "unitaire" is the oppsite you just order one object -> the price is higher than "en masse"
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