en matière de (au début de phrease)


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FRENCH: En matière d’environnement, nous connaissons les enjeux, les joueurs et les solutions.

MY ENGLISH: When it comes to the environment, we know the issues, the players and the answers.

I feel like "when it comes to" is the meaning here, but that it may get edited out for being too casual. Context: a brochure for a team of environmental lawyers. (ie. they are not necessarily fighting FOR the environment.)

Please help!
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    Regarding is one good option. But don't ignore the possibility of rephrasing the whole sentence to sound more fluent.


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    and is it solutions or answers? I would think that in English solutions would be a better word if that's what it means. And personally, I think "when it comes to" sounds more like an advertisement or slogan than regarding (or 'in terms of' which is already here at WR). But then question is really, is that what it means in French since you know English already. I think that is what En matière de means. So, you're good there.
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