en matière de / in terms of


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on wordreference.com they give the translation "en matière de" for "in terms of" and I used "en matière de" in writing and was told it was a bad choice of words (either incorrect or awkward).

<<Féminisme est une théorie que les hommes et les femmes sont égaux en matière de social, économique, et statut politique.>>

I think there has to be a clearer way to write this but I am not sure how. Any help?
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    Or did you want a better French translation?

    'en fonction de' might be OK, if this is the case.

    I hope this helps.
    yes, I need a better phrase in French. I'll see how <<en fonction de>> works, thanks for your help.


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    I wouldn't say 'en fonction de ' works in this context
    au niveau (without de) would: au niveau politique...
    loro's suggestion is I think better
    and BTW:
    Le féminisme est une théorie selon laquelle...
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