en matière de jurons

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  1. vinadotcom Member

    what's the meaning of this sentence?
    "en matière de jurons dans les bouchons"
    i know 'en matiere de jurons' means 'in terms of swearwords'
    but i cant look up 'les bouchons' in dictionary..
    Please help me..

    Thank you
  2. Lamb777 Senior Member

    Hello Vinadotcom,

    bouchons may refer to a rustic restaurant in Lyon.
  3. tilt

    tilt Senior Member

    Nord-Isère, France
    French French
    In my opinion, it's much more likely to refer to traffic jam, where swearwords are heard more often than in the restaurants of Lyon ! :D
  4. Lamb777 Senior Member

    Hi Tilt,

    Traffic jam makes lot of sense. Rustic restaurant in Lyon is an actual definition in Le Petit Larousse but the context doesn't fit... It's time to sleep I think! Bonsoir!

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