En matiére de bruit


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En matiére de bruit, les avions développés dans les années 60 dont beaucoup volent encore aujourd'hui réveillaient en moyenne 400 personnes à l'atterrissage; les avions actuels en réveillent 200 de moins. Ceux du futur causeront aux riverains des aéroports moins de géne qu'une mobylette.

Can you please help me understand this above paragraph, I thought it was talking about the aircraft noise level at the beginning ?? but I think I got lost later on. Many thanks for your help.
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    Yes, it's about progress in the noise level of planes as years go by.
    In the 1960s, they disturbed about 400 residents when landing, nowadays 200 less, and in the future they are supposed to be as noisy as a moped.


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    It says that airplanes from the 60s woke an average of 400 on landing - people living in the area. Current planes 200 less. And, in the future they will cause less disturbance to the inhabitants near the airport than a moped. So, yes, it is talking about noise.
    You can use translate.google.com for a quick rough translation.
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