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    Tumor en uréter distal en pieza de cistectomía y tumor en uretra prostática serán también factores de riesgo relacionados con la aparición de tumor en vía urinaria y uretra respectivamente.

    I'm assuming "en pieza de cistectomia" is missing "la" before "pieza". However, a tumor in the distal ureter in the cystectomy specimen doesn't sound quite right to me. This is what I have:

    Tumours in the distal ureter in the cystectomy specimen and tumours in the prostatic urethra are also risk factors related to the appearance of tumours in the urinary tract and urethra, respectively.


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    You are right. This is a common style of technical writing in pathology reports. The only objection is that you are translating the singulars "tumor" as plurals. Apparently, there is a tumor in the distal ureter and a tumor in the prostatic urethra. The last one, about the urinary tract and urethra is a plural shortened in the technical style or a generic noun, so it is OK to translate as a plural.

    I find it strange that you write "tumour" with the British spelling when your language is USA English.
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