en primer lugar,en segundo lugar, en tercer lugar..

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  1. 10BAMBOLA Senior Member

    Hola, me gustaria que me ayudarais porque no se como poner una enumeracion de razones que me piden en un trabajo que tengo que hacer..en una seccion tengo que dar 3 razones ..y no se como ponerlo formalmente en ingles, no se si poner: Because first of all, firstly, in the first place, in second place, in third place...como lo puedo poner formalmente?? muchas gracias!!
  2. velero Senior Member

    first of all, in the first place, first (ya no se usa "firstly")
    in the second place, secondly, next
    in the third place, third, thirdly (así así), a/the third reason

    'First of all, .... Secondly, .... The third reason for this is ....'

    Trata de variarlos para que no suenen robóticos.
  3. Paul Clancy Senior Member

    Ireland, English
    Velero, In Ireland there is NO PROBLEM using "firstly" ... it remains perfectly correct and is in current use.

    If I had to list the reasons for something I would suggest using:


    Undertaking the specified task has been difficult for a number of reasons; firstly ......, in addition ......, thirdly ..... (or if the third issue is the last one you will mention, you could say "lastly" instead of "thirdly"
  4. KristinaC New Member

    Dallas, Texas
    ¡Hola! Soy un estadounidense y esto es lo que yo diría:

    First of all,
    My first reason is

    Second of all,
    In the second place,
    My second reason is

    In the third place,
    My third reason is

    In conclusion,

    Historically speaking, and according to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is appropriate to use "firstly, secondly, thirdly," but it's usage in America is not as large and most prefer the use of "First, Second, Third." My English teachers do not allow us to use "Firstly, secondly, thirdy" in essays.

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