en qualité de Nomenclaturiste

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  1. morristhepen Senior Member

    Roussillon, Provence
    English (UK)
    et d’être embauchée le 1er novembre 1995 à la Manufacture en qualité de Nomenclaturiste sur GPAO

    What does a CAPM nomenclaturist do? What would the English equivalent be?
  2. Uncle Bob Senior Member

    British English
    As for what he/she does, see here:http://www.actors-solutions.net/CAPM-Production-Management "Nomenclature management: list of the necessary components to produce a finished product, or a subset, (by date or by series number)."

    I therefore suppose the equivalent to be "Nomenclature manager".

    (Sounds like a software salesmen have invented jargon for an obvious task).
  3. morristhepen Senior Member

    Roussillon, Provence
    English (UK)
    that sounds very plausible. thanks!

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