en recommandé avec A.R.

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  1. preciouspuppy

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    Il s'agit d'un contrat de travail sportif.

    .."copie du courrier et du récipissé d'envoi en recommandé avec A.R."
    Ouf, c'est dur, j'essaie de tranduire en anglais..

    copy of the message and of the mailing receipt in ??? with ???

    Merci d'avance de votre aide précieuse.
  2. mathilde70 Senior Member

    AR=accusé de réception, meaning you'll get a proof the letter has been received.
  3. janpol

    janpol Senior Member

    France - français
    "accusé de réception" = il prouve que tu as bien reçu la lettre car il porte ta signature
  4. preciouspuppy

    preciouspuppy Senior Member

    merci, je pense donc à :
    envoi en recommandé --certified mail
    a.r. --Proof of delivery
  5. mathilde70 Senior Member

  6. preciouspuppy

    preciouspuppy Senior Member

    merci les amis, vous m'aidez beaucoup car ce n'est pas tjrs évident !
  7. Merle

    Merle Senior Member

    Limoges, France
    I just looked in to this and learned that "registered mail" means the post office controls every step of the process, but "certified mail" has legal weight. I also chose "...with return receipt" instead of "proof of delivery."
    What do you all think of this?
  8. boterham Senior Member

    Rijsel, France
    French, France
    AFAIK, in England it would be "registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt" and in the US "certified mail with return receipt"...
  9. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    This means that copies of both the letter and a proof that the letter was sent with recorded delivery (or by registered post) are required.
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  10. les zouzou Member

    San Francisco
    France, French
    Ca s'appelle "a certified letter"

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