en route: pronunciation


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Hello everyone,
quick question. I'm aware that the word "route" can be pronounced both /ruːt/ and /raʊt/ in US English.
Does this apply to the set phrase "en route" too, or is it only possible to pronounce it /ruːt/ in this case?

Thanks in advance.
  • TheCrociato91

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    I've only heard it being pronounced (by actual people, rather than dictionaries) a couple of times; the speakers were all from the UK and would pronounce it:
    /ˌɒn ˈruːt/.
    That's why I was curious about learning how US speakers pronounce it.

    The Newt

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    I would strongly prefer /ruːt/, since it's a borrowed French phrase and that pronunciation is closer to the original. But as Julian suggests, it's quite possible that for many speakers the pronunciation has been naturalized to match the already-Anglicized /raʊt/.
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