en route to State for drop-off

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Source: Batman - Gotham Knight (2008), an animated film.

Detectives Allen and Ramirez have just dropped off a criminal at Arkham Asylum (a psychiatric hospital).
Detective Allen over radio: Dispatch, Victor 3-2, we are 10-24, en route to State for drop-off.
Dispatcher: Victor 3-2, 10-4.

I know that en route means "on the way", but the rest doesn't make much sense. "State"? "Drop-off"? If you have any thoughts, please share them. Their car is empty, there's no other criminal in it, by the way.

A little extra context that might be helpful: Arkham Asylum is located in the Narrows. The best I could find on it is:
The Narrows is an island in the middle of the Gotham River, situated between Midtown and Downtown Gotham City. It is home to the decaying and dilapidated neighborhood in which Arkham Asylum is located.
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    From the Wikipedia page on Arkham Asylum: Prior to the period of the hospital's remodeling, Amadeus Arkham treated patients at the State Psychiatric Hospital in Metropolis, where he, his wife Constance and his daughter Harriet had been living for quite some time.

    Just a guess but perhaps State refers to the State Psychiatric Hospital. It doesn't explain what they mean by drop-off however, if they'd already dropped the criminal off at Arkham.

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    The only logical conclusion is that Detectives Allen and Ramirez are not telling the truth and wish to give the impression that the criminal has not yet been dropped off.

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    you later said there's no other criminal in the car, implying that the person they were dropping off was still in it.
    Took me a little time to understand what the problem was. Sorry, it was my bad. The policemen are the only ones in the car when Allen reports to the dispatcher.

    One more time:
    The two detectives are assigned to take criminal Feely to Arkham Asylum. They drop him off there and as they're heading back (we see the Asylum in the rear-view mirror) Allen reports to dispatcher: "Dispatch, Victor 3-2, we are 10-24, en route to State for drop-off."

    Code 10-24 means Assignment Completed and that they are available now.
    Dispatcher says 10-4, which means understood.

    I doubt that they are lying to the dispatcher. Most likely it's just a mistake of some sort, since it's not even clear what exactly State stands for. Gotham State Penitentiary is already closed at this point.

    Anyway, thank you for your replies, PaulQ and Barque.
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