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Background: the writer appreciate wonder woman in film:

But around the same time that I savored this happy turn, I read some less happy news: Wonder Woman was finally en route to the silver screen — but not, alas, in a vehicle of
her own. She’s slated to be an appendix to Superman and Batman in a sequel to “Man of Steel.”

From New York Times: Waiting for Wonder Woman

Hi, everyone!
Can you explain "en route"? I know it means "along the way", but I can't figure out the sentence meaning correctly....In my opinion, it means Wonder woman finally appear in the silver screen, but not in the film in which she is major star....I just feel it is not logical...


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    In my opinion, it means Wonder woman will finally appear on the silver screen, but not in a film in which she will be the major star.

    With a couple of revisions, your understanding of the sentence is completely correct.
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