EN: She hasn't been at/to work today - preposition


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I was wondering if "she hasn't been at work today" or "hasn't been to work today" are correct. I would say to work is more logical and also if I can use the past simple in this sentence as well to give the same meaning. "She didn't go to work today"
Thanks for your help.
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  • moustic

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    Pour les deux phrases suivantes c'est un collègue qui parle :
    She hasn't been to work today. (à la fin de la journée de travail)
    She wasn't at work today. (dans la soirée après le travail)

    She didn't go to work today. (celui qui parle n'est pas un collègue mais peut-être quelqu'un qui vit avec elle, sa mère par exemple).


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    Thanks a lot moustic for your help. That means she hasn't been at work today is wrong, isn't it? As one of my colleagues who is an English teacher insists that it's correct!