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    Hi guys, I'm Marie. I've read this long time ago in a Stephen King's : Should you dare move so much as a ....
    A cautioning reply from a character. I am not so sure about the accuracy of my sentence. Maybe it was "a bit as much as or so much a bit as" whatever Should you dare!...
    What mode and tense is this? I'd like to understand the accurate meaning of this phrase as well as its translation into french. Is it close to "puisses-tu bouger ne serait-ce que"?
    Can we use it to challenge someone or express a wish of sb's daring? What difference with would you dare?
  2. lamy08 Senior Member

    Should you + infinitif = au cas où, si ...(very unlikely condition)
    Donc, dans cette phrase, il faut la comprendre comme ceci: Au cas où vous oseriez bouger un tant soit peu ...
    Sans contexte, difficile de dire s'il s'agit d'une menace ou d'une mise en garde.
  3. marie8719 New Member

    Merci, lamy08. Je préfère ta traduction. Il s'agissait à la fois d'une menace et d'une mise en garde.
  4. lucas-sp Senior Member

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    Remember that in English we can form conditional sentences without "if" by inverting the subject and verb. So:

    Should you dare... = If you should dare...
    Were it not so awful... = If it weren't so awful...
    Had I just come in a few minutes earlier... = If I had just come in a few minutes earlier...
  5. pointvirgule

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    langue française
    Should you dare move... (sens : s'il te venait la mauvaise idée de bouger...) → Si tu oses bouger...

    Bienvenue au forum, Marie. :)

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