1. Tina75 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    The french phrase is "tu bosseras en sous-marin". A superintendent is addressing one of the officers who isn't in charge of the case but supposed to help gather necessary information. I was thinking about "working undercover", but I'm not sure whether that has exactly the same meaning here.. Does anyone have a better idea?

    Thank you
  2. CARNESECCHI Senior Member

    French / France
    "sous-marin", "taupe" are expressions for some member of a group, but secretly spying his enviroment for an other group.
    I think that, though "uncercover" carries the meaning of "secret", it does not have the meaning of "joining a group to spy it for another group", I would rather say "as a mole"
    Hope it helps!
  3. Tina75 New Member

    Thanks! Your reply comes as a relief because I sent my translation through yesterday and 'working as a mole' is in fact exactly what I came up with in the end, although I still wasn't 100% sure. Thank you for your input!
  4. constantlyconfused

    constantlyconfused Senior Member

    English - British
    (A policy error by the company results in...) Incompréhension des clients ou décision de reprendre les stocks en « sous-marin »

    Following on from the above, would 'en sous-marin' here mean something like "surreptitiously"?
  5. Chimel Senior Member

    Are you sure it's not a typo for "reprendre les comptes en sous-main"?

    "En sous-main": under the table, secretly (WR - have also a look on various theads here about "en sous-main"). The meaning happens to be pretty close to "sous-marin", but without the idea of spying, which is quite weird in this context.

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