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Salut à tous !

1- Merchandise stock
2- Merchandises stock

Je suppose que si le stock est constitué de plusieurs types de marchandises, la réponse est 2.
En l'occurrence, il s'agit du stock d'un seul type de marchandise. C'est donc un stock de quantités de marchandises d'un seul type.

  • Kelly B

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    Goods stock no, stock of merchandise yes. Tout cela dit, à mon sens stock(s) tout court suffit plutôt souvent.


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    A business would normally just say "stock"

    "(of) merchandise" is obvious, so there is no point in using it.

    "We have too much money tied up in stock"

    But if stocks of a particular type need to be specified then:

    "We have too much perishable stock"
    "We must increase our stocks of beer, and reduce the stocks of spirits, which are not selling well.

    An alternative word is "inventory", which I believe is more common in the United States.

    nibusinessinfo.co.uk - stock-control-and-inventory
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