en tamaño, color y ubicación

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  1. laurahya Senior Member

    BC, Canada
    British English
    Hi everybody,

    I've tried to translate this sentence:

    Se adjuntan modelos de la papelería general de mayor utilización, a los que se les ha incluido, en tamaño, color y ubicación, nuestro logotipo.

    Examples are provided of the most commonly used general stationery, to which our logo been added, correct in size, colour and position.

    Could someone tell me if I am on the right track? I'm especially worried about the underlined section. Thank you!
  2. RaulCavazos

    RaulCavazos Senior Member

    Monterrey, México
    Mexican Spanish
    Yes, you're right!
  3. laurahya Senior Member

    BC, Canada
    British English
    Thanks for the confirmation!

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