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  1. Frexan New Member

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    Can "therefore", "thus", "hence", "then" and "so" (used to express a consequence) be in another place than the begining of a sentence.

    For example:
    "Everyone loves chocolate. Therefore chocolate sales are skyrocketing".
    Could I say: "Chocolate sales are therefore skyrocketing".

    It doesn't feel right with "so", but somehow it doesn't bother me that much with therefore/thus/then/hence.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Alxmrphi Senior Member

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    Hi Frexan, yes you can.
    Your sentence sounds fine.

    Therefore it would mean.....
    It would then/therefore mean that....
  3. catachresis_yo

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    "Everyone loves chocolate. Therefore chocolate sales are skyrocketing".

    In this example, I would put a comma after "therefore". I think in most instances where you start a sentence with thus, therefore, hence, etc. you would put a comma after it.
  4. WordRef1 Senior Member

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    En effet. "Therefore, sales..."
    Je crois : soit "Chocolate sales are therefore skyrocketing." "Chocolate sales, therefore, are skyrocketing." You may not need the commas just because it's such a short sentence and obvious usage.

    The word so is different. I can't think of an example. It might be that it can only be used at the beginning (a semicolon separation not withstanding).

    Perhaps something like: "The guy is rude. I, thus, dislike him." but that seems strange or at least not in current use.

    "If it's locked, then we'll need the key." works.

    You could maybe use hence in place of therefore above, but I doubt that I would. I can't think of an example for so either.

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