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I would like to get some precision about the use of to go to. I remind me that we use this expression without the article "the" but when I was at the beach this summer and I tried to seduce an italian girl I had a moment of bafflement :

We can say to go to the beach (that what I used)


to go to beach (it sounds so wird ?!!!)

Thank you in advance
  • moustic

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    No definite article : I'm going to go (*) home / to school / to work / to bed / to heaven (!)
    Definite article necessary : I'm going to go to ... the beach / the supermarket / the swimming-pool / the theatre / the cinema / the museum / the gym ...


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    You use a definite article whenever you are thinking of something definite, and you drop it when you are thinking of something indefenite or general. For example, consider the différence between:

    "I'm going to go to school" (school as a general idea) and
    "I'm going to go to the school (to have a word with the headmaster)".
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