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  1. phily Senior Member

    What do you say : "someone has as much a/the right to do something (with an article I mean), or can you say "someone has as much right to do something"? (for example "a right to get a job, whatever their skin colour...)
  2. doinel

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    Bonsoir phily,
    Peux-tu nous fournir la phrase que tu veux traduire en français? Ce sera plus facile pour t'aider à trouver des réponses.
  3. LaBlonde New Member

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    Moi, je disais "the"... mais je pense qu'on peut utiliser "a" aussi, mais ça sonne un peu bizzare s'il y a un autre "a" dans la phrase. Soit "the" soit "a", il faut utiliser un article.

    He has the right to a job :tick:
    He has a right to a job :tick: (mais à mon avis, les deux "a" sonnent un peu bizzare ensemble dans la phrase)
    He has right to a job :cross:

    Bon courage :)
  4. Lueur75 Member

    Bon si tu demandes s'il faut garder l'article devant right quand on utilise l'expression 'as much a right to ', moi je dirais:

    somebody has as much a right to...
  5. Kelly B

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    In US English you will also hear as much of a right to.... It's not pretty, but it's very common. Without of, I'd probably omit the article a, as much (a) right to, but I think it sounds ok either way.

    Both of those structures would be followed by ...as (someone else) has (to do something).

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