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    I don't understand what is the sentence building when I use verbs as "try" or others and the particularly reasons.

    I find opposed suggestions on the Web. Thay's bad !

    What is really correct and why for examples:
    for me "to try to do something to someone"
    1. I try doing something .. / I try to do .. / I try do ..
    Are there others interested verbs

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  2. Cristina Moreno Senior Member

    En géneral, les formes "-ing" et "to + infinitive" sont toutes les deux correctes.
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  3. doinel

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    Beaucoup de verbes ont cette double construction.
    Try + ing c'est souvent déjà fait; I tried diving, but i didn't like it at all
    Try + to base verbale reste à faire; Try to remember ....
    L'avis d'anglophones serait bienvenu.
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  4. Forero Senior Member

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    Bienvenu au forum, jjparent.

    This is a complex subject, but I can say a little about verbal nouns in relation to [this] particular [verb], try […].

    [This verb] can be used transitively […]. For a direct object, the -ing form is the usual choice:

    I try doing something.

    In contrast, an infinitive is less likely to be used as a direct object, but when it is a direct object, it tends to have a more remote meaning than the -ing form:

    I try to do something. "Try to do" acts as a verb phrase.

    Like most verbs, [this verb does] not accept a bare infinitive (infinitive without "to"):

    I try do something .. :cross: Should be "try to do", or the idiomatic expression "try and do".
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  5. jann

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    Bonjour JJparent, :)

    Le choix entre verbe + to + infinitif et verbe + V-ing pose souvent problème aux francophones, car en effet il dépend du verbe, et malgré les indications qu'on peut trouver (comme celles de Forero) il faut plus ou moins se résigner à la nécessité d'apprendre les combinaisons admises, une par une. :p

    Ce lien dans le post "Verbes" du fil Langage sur notre sous-forum Ressources pourraient vous être utile. Dans le "3 Part Tutorial" il y a plusieurs liens vers des listes de verbes suivis des gérondifs, des infinitifs, d'un nom + gérondif, etc.

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