en vías de Inspección Ocular y fe Ministerial de Lesiones damos fe que...

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    Hi folks! I Need help again. The text in Spanish is as follows:
    "Acto seguido y en vías de Inspección Ocular y fe Ministerial de Lesiones, damos fe que presenta los siguientes: escoriaciones equimosis y edema..."

    This has to do a victim of an auto accident who is hospitalized and who is giving a statement under oath with regard to the accident and subsequent injuries. The statement is being taken by:

    "El Secretario Séptimo del Ministerio Público Investigador en el Hospital General y Testigos de Asistencia, con quienes acúa y da fe..."

    Any help will be much appreciated!
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    Therupon, in the process of an inspection of the eye, and official? confirmation of the injuries, we attest that they are as follows: abrasion, equimosis (hematoma), and edema..."
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    "inspección ocular" es "visual inspection"

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