en vous souhaitant bonne réception


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I'm trying to translate "Bonne réception" written on an estimate for windows and doors.
It's just for the sending of the estimate (devis) and not for the actual goods that I need a phrase.

I realise from reading the other threads on "Bonne reception" on this forum that it literally means "Happy receiving" or "Hope you get this okay", but do we have an equivalent in English?

Thanks very much,

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    Hi All,
    (je vous addresse en langue anglaise car je crois que c'est plutot une question pour les anglophones)

    I have never felt comfortable about translating this construction, which to me is rather meaningless.

    It precedes in this case, and most others probably, one of the many formulae that translate as "Yours faithfully".

    Having read the previous threads on a similar theme, no one seems to have come up with a convincing way of expressing it in English.

    It is just one of those set formulae beloved of the French business world (or perhaps just the older generation?)

    Perhaps some other English native speaker could suggest how they deal with it.

    I am tempted to bundle the whole lot up as "Yours faithfully" and not bother to say anything like "hoping this reaches you safely", which is the best "literal" translation I can think of.

    Merci d'avance à tous.



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    I agree. Unless safety is a relevant consideration it is better to use a standard English closing.
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    Basically, you don't. I seem to remember that there is a rule (maybe rather old-fashioned now) which says that if you begin the letter "Dear Sir", you end with "Yours faithfully" and if you begin with "Dear Mr Smith", you end with "Yours sincerely".

    In AE, it is probably different.


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    Please help!

    "En vous souhaitant bonne réception, nous vous adressons nos salutations sincères."

    Does my english translation seem correct for a business letter?

    "Looking forward to hearing back from you and with our sincere regards."


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    Hi adaire,

    Letter endings, of course, don't translate directly (as your suggestion rightly shows). It's a case of picking an appropriate one. In French, people do sometimes end a letter with the hope that it will arrive OK (perhaps this dates from a time when that didn't happen often :D), whereas that's not a normal ending in English.

    I think your suggestion is fine for a business letter that's not excessively formal, except that I would drop the "back" and separate it into two parts (no "and"):

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    With our sincere regards.



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    This may not be the closing salutation, but come immediately before.
    I translated it as "I trust this reaches you safely".
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