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    Hi there!
    I have a problem with the phrase "welcome back" and can't figure out which preposition to use after it when adding a complement.
    "welcome back to school" sounds good to me but is it right?
    How would you translate "heureux de vous retrouver en classe"? Would it be possible to find a translation using both "welcome back" and "class"?
    Is "welcome back in class" right? or should I rather use "welcome back To class?" or maybe "welcome back to English class" (I have the feeling the word class needs something before to precise it)
    I must admit "welcome back in ..." sounds weird to me.

    Can you help me please? My head is going to explode...
  2. Welshie

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    England, English
    "Welcome back" demands "to" in almost all circumstances I can think of. So:

    "Welcome back to school" is fine.
    "Welcome back to (English) class" is fine.

    Perhaps if you really want to insist on "in" or "on" you can use "onto" or "into", but I don't think this is usually necessary. :)
  3. hartyshaw Member

    Thanks a lot!

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