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  1. Pomali Member

    Hello everyone,

    First I wish to thank you for this forum, it's being very helpful to me.
    I'm grading english papers at the moment (I'm an english teacher), the topic is a famous fast food company so I'll make up a name here.:)

    I "feel" that something's not quite correct with the first part of this sentence:

    "Whichever the reputation of Mr Burger's, some consumers still think fast food is harmless."

    I'm thinking : whatever the reputation is / may be...
    I would use "whatever" because there isn't a limited choice of "reputations".
    I hope I'm making myself clear,
    Thanks for your help!
  2. Maître Capello

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    Je dirais qu'il manque un verbe dans l'un et l'autre cas. Il faudrait dire : Whatever Mr Burger's reputation may be Mais je préfère encore : Regardless of Mr Burger's reputation…
  3. radagasty Senior Member

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    Whichever is beyond a doubt unacceptable. Grammatically speaking, Whatever the reputation of Mr Burger's, is all right, and it would be understood as an elliptical version of Whatever the reputation of Mr Burger's may be, as Maître Capello suggests. Note that the name of the restaurant is Mr Burger's in this case, and the possessive 's must be understood as part of the name.

    I would not myself go for regardless of, but rather notwithstanding, in spite of or despite, which I think makes more sense than whatever in this instance.
  4. Pomali Member

    So I was quite right to want to put in a verb at the end of the phrase.
    I think my student wanted to 'reuse' a word seen in an article that we studied, but the context wasn't the same.

    Thanks a lot for your answers, I'm quite happy with "regardless of..." or "... notwithstanding." !

    Have a nice day.

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