1. mayflyaway Senior Member

    English (USA)

    Comment est-qu'on peut dire "Enable Logging" dans le sense technique (ordinateur)? Je veux dire, une liste d'actions que la logiciel as faire sera creer.

    Merci bcp!
  2. Shark

    Shark Senior Member

    France - French
    Could you tell us exactly in English in which context will this sentence appear? For the moment, I think that "permettre la connexion" could fit. "To log in" doesn't really have a direct translation in French, so we sometimes use the English word.
  3. mayflyaway Senior Member

    English (USA)
    Here is what I mean by "Enable logging": Create a file that lists all actions the software has taken. IE, create a log file. Example sentence: "To enable logging, check this box." However, the sentence is not used in the software, it is simply "Enable Logging" with a box next to it, which can be checked or unchecked.
    Contextually, it is not a matter of "logging in" but of tracking the actions the software has taken.
  4. anangelaway

    anangelaway Senior Member

    Hello Mayflyaway!:)

    Could it be something like:
    ''Permettre l'enregistrement.''?

    There are some ''permettre le Log'' as well here and there, but I'm really not sure if this is what you need. I understand it in English, but that much in French.
    Please wait for the IT experts to help you on that one.
  5. mayflyaway Senior Member

    English (USA)
    Are there any IT people out there who can answer this definitively?

  6. Nau Kofi Member

    The better translation for log file is probably trace. So :
    - Permettre la trace
    - Activer la trace
    - Autoriser la trace
  7. blinnith Senior Member

    Toulouse (from Reims)
    French, France
    In the best technical french, it could be "Activer la journalisation". If it is on a check box for example. In a text we could say "permettre/autoriser la journalisation".

    For typical french engineers, we said "activer le logging" :)
    Or we talks about "logs"

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