enabled or eligible ?

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Hi, the 3rd question today that I hope your help :

People living abroad are not ___ to enter for this competition
A. enabled
B. permission
C. capable
D. eligible

When I did this multiple-choice question, I chose the anser A. But my book show the key is D. I don't understand. I have learned a structure like this following :

enable somebody to do something.


be eligible for

So the key should be A, is it right ?

Many thanks for your help!
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    I agree with the book. In my opinion, D is the only possible answer.
    I don't think that a person can be 'enabled' in this sense.

    'Eligible to + inf' appears in the WR dictionary.


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    We wouldn't say "eligible to enter for" in this context, just "eligible to enter." But of the answers given, D is the closest.

    You could say something like, "I finished my freshman year last week, enabling me to enter the sophomore math competition." But we wouldn't say "I was not enabled to enter because I was a freshman." "Enable" means "to make able."
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