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"Apply to all characteristics: (by) enabling this option, the section will be extended to all characteristics in the active batch."

Sto correggendo/aggiornando una precedente traduzione italiano inglese, e mi è venuto un dubbio enorme. In alcune frasi ho trovato la formula "enabling this option", in altre quella "by enabling this option. As a resultI'm so confused and I don't know anymore which is the correct one!
Can you help me?

The context is a use manual for a sw, where different options are illustrated and so their function in the program.

  • baldpate

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    Actually, I think it might depend upon whether you are using the Active voice or Passive voice.

    1) Passive: by enabling this option, the section will be extended to all ...
    2) Active: enabling this option will extend the section to all ...
    3) Active: this option will extend the section to all ...

    Perhaps the third is what cerchi meant by "both can go". I don't think the Passive construction would grammatically correct without "by". My person preference would be for the second (Where possible, I always preferred to use the Active voice in software documentation), but you may already be heavily commited to the use of the Passive style, or need to follow its use in the original.

    I added the third possibility, since it might have been what cerchi had in mind - but it is not explicit about whether enabling or disabling the option has the stated effect (although it is pretty clear that enabling is what is meant).


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    Thank you Baldpate, your explanation was very helpful!
    In fact, in the original italian version almost all instructions are in the passive form. As I know it is better to use the active one, I'm trying to "update" the files and to transform italian sentences into the active form before the translation. Sometimes it is not so easy! ;)
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