Enabling independence


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I am translating this phrase as:

"permitiendo la independencia"

The context is a visual aid that helps visually impaired people to see better, therefore "enabling independence".

  • fenixpollo

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    If it's a formal text, you could use the verb posibilitar. The verb permitir also works.

    Depending on how it's being used in the sentence, it's more likely that you'll use the infinitive form of the verb, not the gerund, as you used in your first post.

    If you gave us the exact sentence in English, we could help you translate it in a natural-sounding way.


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    Thank you Fenixpollo. It is a brochure I am translating and the opening line is "enabling independence". So unfortunately there is no sentence, but to give you some more context it is a product that magnifies text therefore helping people with visual impairment to read easier.

    With this in mind does it change the translation?
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