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Besides fabricating specifically developed equipment for the shipbuilding industry, SB Broneske utilizes its vast experience and expertise in the field of elastic support to benefit its customers through a range of free services enabling us to follow any project from as early as the design of the system to the installation.

Does the marked part apply to free services? I think so. The free services will enable us to follow any project.

What do you think? I am sorry but no online version with this text is available.

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    As it stands, "enabling us to follow any project" is ambiguous, and could apply to the free services.
    My own interpretation is that "enabling us to follow any project" is possibly meant to refer to "its vast experience and expertise in the field of elastic support", and there should have been a comma after "free services".

    missing out the intervening material, "its vast experience and expertise ... will enable us to follow any project."
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    Could someone help me to understand what "enabling" refers to in "enabling us to follow any project". Is it "free services" or "vast experience and expertise"? I would love to know the real meaning of this sentence, especially that of the marked fragment.


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    It's not great English, Suprun Baltic Sea:(

    As written, "enabling" refers to "free services" - free services which enable...

    I'm fairly sure that the original idea was The fact that the company provides free services enables....
    Another poor translation, I'm afraid:(
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    As much as Polish and Ukrainian are related..... :) Suprun and Baltic Sea are two different people :)

    Or so I think.

    On a serious note, I simply cannot understand that part. Whose free services, and how do they enable anyone to do anything?


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    enabling = allowing

    SB Broneske offers free services throughout the process from design to installation. However! There is a caveat to be observed.

    It says "A range of free services" I should imagine that there is a range of free services and a range of paid-for services.

    (Before I signed a contract with SB Broneske, I would want to know a few details, e.g. what these free services are and what paid-for services they offer.)
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