Encaisser (une commande) / recevoir un encaissement


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J'ai du mal à traduire l'expression suivante: encaisser une commande.
Les termes "to take" ou "to collect" sur Reverso me conviennent pas.
Pour moi "to cash" me parait pas mal, donc est ce que les traductiosn suivantes sont correctes:
1)Tu peux encaisser sa commande? ==> Can you cash his order?

2)Il faut différencier les types d'encaissements (entre liquide et chèque) ==> You need to differentiate what kind of payments you receive (between cash and checks)???

3)On encaissera votre commande plus tard ==> We will ........ you order later?

Merci pour vos suggestions
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    At the moment I am working on "encaisser' from the point of view of what a cashier does. The best I have found is "receive payment". Perhaps if "order" is the object of the verb, we might want "accept/request payment for the order".
    It would be good if we could find a dictionary of colocations on the net. Does anybody know of one? With "colocations" as a key word, Google only comes up with sites to rent an apartment !
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