1. kenneth1961 New Member

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    Dear All,

    My Linguaphone spanish course has two similar phrases...
    "... es la encargada de vigilar (las Aduanas)..."
    I understand this (I think) as "it is the thing in charge of watching over the Customs Office..." so verb and noun
    However, later on there is a similar phrase
    " Esta (accent on "a") encargada de vigilar (las zonas rurales)..."
    .. so why now use of estar not ser? "encargada" isn't gerund form - I don't understand.

    Thanks for any help,
  2. belén

    belén Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    Es la encargada uses "encargada" as the noun

    La persona que se encarga de X = encargado / encargada

    Está encargada uses "encargada" as a verb

    Estar encargado de algo = Ser el encargado.


  3. Ilmo

    Ilmo Member Emeritus

    Hello Kenneth:
    If you use the verb "ser" in connection with an adjective that is simultaneously a participle of a verb, you are actually constructing a sentence in passive.
    If you say:
    La persona es encargada de vigilar...
    It means:
    The person is given the duty to watch...
    and it does NOT mean:
    The person has the duty to watch...
    which is, literally traducted:
    La persona está encargada de vigilar...

    I hope this has clarified the problem a bit.

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