Encerrado por la tormenta

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    Hi! I'm having trouble in translating this phrase: "Se queda solo en la casa, encerrado por la tormenta de nieve " The context is the following: there's a man in a house, who cannot go outside because there's a fierce snow storm blowing.

    I thought of translating it as: He stays alone in the house, not being able to go out because of the snow storm.

    I wanted to know if there is an expression or a word for "encerrado", meaning that he is in that condition because of external reasons, not because he wants to. I looked up the definitions of "lock" and other similar words, but I think they don't give the meaning I'm looking for.

    Thank you very much!
  2. Bonz Senior Member

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    my try: "barred within"
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    "He is alone in the house, to which he is confined by the blizzard raging outside."
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    There's a compound adjective you can use: housebound.

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