1. DITOMO7 New Member

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    Hi guys! I have a question, in my country there´s a service called "encomienda". It is a service where you leave something (a package) in an station bus, you pay, and then they take it to a rural zone of the country and give it to someone that is interested in that package (obviously you already told that person that you´re sending this package using this service). The problem is that I don´t know how to say the name of that service in english. I really doubt it is ENTRUST which is the correct transalation of "encomienda" in english because that meaning in english has a different context or purpose. Can you guys help me? Does anybody know that service? I really need to know!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. bobobaby Banned

    USA English
    It might be drop-off service or delivery service. I think it is delivery. Delivery is entrega, and that is a synonym of encomienda.
  3. Chaska Ñawi

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    I know what you mean, but here at least there is no equivalent service. Once upon a time it was possible to send things if the bus had a scheduled stop, but they stopped doing that at least twenty years ago .... and even then there was no word for it.

    A typical conversation between my mother and younger brother sounded something like this on my mother's end of the phone:

    "You forgot what? Not again! Not your boots too? Alright, I'll put them in your backpack and take them down to the Voyageur terminal for the 10:30 bus."

    That's it - the best we could come up with was "sending them up by bus" or some related term.
  4. DITOMO7 New Member

    Español - Costa Rica
    Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. What I needed to know is if there's any possible translation or slang word that I don't know and those words don't appear in a typical dicctionary, so I would say that is like some sort of combination of those two... It is like a "bus delivery service", I know that I'll be able to explain it but I wanted to know if I was missing an specific word for that type of service!

    Thanks guys! youe were a lot of help!

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