Encore merci de m'avoir reçu

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  1. pierrepauljacques New Member

    Hello all,

    I was wondering me how this following sentence can be transalted in english :

    'Encore merci de m'avoir reçu.'

    my try: 'thanks again for having recieved me'

    Thank you for your help.
  2. tannen2004 Senior Member

    A lot depends on the context. What do you mean by "reçu"? Were you a guest in their home or was it a meeting? Your translation is okay, but "received me" sounds odd to me. If you give some more context we can help you find something a bit more natural.
  3. pierrepauljacques New Member

    Thanks for your reply
    in french we can use "recu" for both, meeting or invitation !
    actualy, in my case it was in a meeting !
    My doubt is not only on 'recived' but also on the tense to be used, because the action of receiving happens in the past!
    thanks for your help
  4. elskizo New Member

    In your context I'd use: thanks for meeting me
  5. toban

    toban Senior Member

    English - Canada
    In a situation where you've been invited to someone's home, you could say "Thanks for having me."

    In the context of a meeting, you might try something like: "It's been nice talking with you" or "Thanks for your time."

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