enculé de sa grand-mère

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    Just wondering how you would translate this insult into English.

    "Fucked by his grandmother?"


    Sorry for the bad language, but I have to translate this text!!!

    Merci d'avance!
  2. Zyprexa

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    Enculeur de (sa) grand-mère :eek: would be more logical. In any case, in English or French the insult is not up-market. In French I think this would be called "Une insulte qui manque d'envergure. . .":(
  3. DearPrudence

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    French (lower Normandy)
    Sorry for the language but
    :warn: "enculeur", as an insult, is never used.
    We use "enculé" to mean something like "bastard!"

    We also say "enculé de sa race !", which you shouldn't try to understand word by word.

    "enculé de sa grand-mère" doesn't exist and is just a "poetic" :p license.
    I think that "grandmotherfucker" sounds "good" :) :rolleyes: :p

    ("Fucked by his grandmother"
    = enculé par sa grand-mère)
  4. Aoyama Senior Member

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    Qu'en termes galants ces choses-là sont dites ...

    For those who really want to know, enculeur IS used (but here as a mild insult, much milder than enculé) in " enculeur de mouches" (practical joker, someone lazy).
    For the rest, DearPrudence said it all .
  5. Hatchet Senior Member


    (mind you, I'm not telling this to any of you lol)
  6. Aoyama Senior Member

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    To go a little bit further into this very interesting subject, here is some food for thought :
    -enculé de sa race/mère (or TA) is a common curse
    one will not fail to notice the "improper" use of the expression :
    enculé/er literally means "to sodomize", whereas fuck is "baiser".
    "Enculé de sa/ta mère (grand-mère)" is syntactically wrong, and should be : "enculé par sa mère", this meaning that the poor ... bugger in question would be sodomized by a female, something questionable ...
    Mother fucker should then be : "baise(-) mère" ou "baiseur de sa mère", which does not exist in French.
    Not really something to be sad about, but clarity would gain from it ...
  7. Fred_C

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    I have noticed that in curse phrases, the preposition "de" often has a strange meaning.
    it seldomly means "of", but often means "is" or "and" :
    The curse phrase "putain de ta mère", means "your mother is a prostitute", and in this phrase, "de" clearly means "is".
    This phrase is very often abbreviated as just "ta mère".
    And the curse phrase "enculé de ta mère" is actually two insults linked together with "de", (which means "and", here) You often use "de" to link several insults together.
    So the phrase "enculé de ta mère" means : "You're a sodomite, and your mother is a prostitute".:)

    You can also hear "enculé de bâtard de fils de pute", meaning :
    "You're a sodomite, a bastard, and the son of a prostitute". (where only the last "de" really means "of")
  8. yann_ccc Banned

    My idea is that "enculeur" is old fashioned as an insult and has been replaced by "enculé" (notice the amusing absence of change in meaning in spite of the 'fucker' / 'fuckee' switch) except in the phrase "enculeur de mouches" (hair-splitter, nit-picker) in which "enculé" is impossible.

    Concerning the translation of "enculé" ranging from the mild "bloody idiot" to the not so mild "fucking wanker", what is interesting is the coda beginnning in "de -" like "de ta mère, de ta race, de ta grand-mère etc." They are only here to reinforce the insult by giving 'lineage' to it.
  9. Hatchet Senior Member

    "granniefucker" might suit too

    maybe ?
  10. Anth84 Member

    I know :
    Enculeur de maman

    So, why not :
    Enculeur de grand-mère
    Enculeur de mémé
  11. Aoyama Senior Member

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    français Clodoaldien
    Fred C is right (post 8) in noticing that in some expressions, de may have a different meaning.
    Like in "mon plombier de voisin", "mon Russe de collègue", where the order of words is reversed (mon voisin le/qui est plombier, etc). Thus "putain de ta mère" effectively means "ta mère est une putain" (see the other examples given by Fred).
    For "enculeur (de mouche)" (hair-splitter, nit-picker = coupeur de cheveux en quatre, is good), the meaning is different from "enculé", which is clearly offensive, whereas "enculeur" is more like a joke.
    "Il passe son temps à enculer des/les mouches" (he spends his time doing nothing) would be a mild criticism, without real sexual connotation.
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  12. bédéiste Senior Member

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    i would say...grand'mal's screw-up (fuck-up). also i don't see why there should be a perfect translation of the traditional "moefoe" saying, beyond being an insult to a male ur mad at. It could have easily been woman-f'er or male "biotch".

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