end of the second <extra> [football]


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Hi everyone
I saw in some football games ,when the second extra time ended,the subtitle showed "end of the second extra"
in "second extra" ,is"extra"a noun? or "extra"is adjective,and they omit "time " for convenience
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    It's a noun in that case. As an American, I'm unfamiliar with the soccer term, but in baseball, we similarly say extra or extras to refer to extra innings.​ (American football would say overtime, e.g., "first overtime," or "overtime one.")


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    'Extra time' - 'extra' remains an adjective describing 'time'.

    In 'second extra' - 'time' has been omitted for convenience and because all football fans would know that 'extra' actually means 'extra time'. 'extra' briefly becomes a noun, with 'second' being the adjective.
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