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    Have you found any differences between "end up" and "end"?
    I know that one is a phrasal verb and the other is a noun or a verb too. I looked at the dictionary but I don't understand very well.
    This is a part of a song where I started to ask me about that differences...

    ...It started out with a kiss
    How did it end up like this
    It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss
    Now I’m falling asleep...

    Can I say "How did it end like this"?

  2. Basenjigirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    Empezó con un beso
    ¿Cómo acabó siendo así?

    Yes, you can say both "end like this" and "end up like this". The "up" in your example emphasizes the result of a process, in this case, falling into bed with a stranger. If you say "how did it end like this" then you are referring to the actual end, (like the end of the date, the end of the evening, the end of the relationship).

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