1. ennrro Senior Member

    certain words together confuse. Why.
    The next is an example:
    "You have another nude scene in this film. Does it get easier to do them?
    No, it does not get any easier! But it was made a lot easier by Patrick. Patrick and I had such a laugh. We ended up going, “Hi, I’m Kate. I’m naked and so are you! Let’s go!”

    Please!! HelP!!
  2. Dission

    Dission Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain
    "we endid up going" quiere decir "y acabamos diciendo", usan "go" con el mismo significado que lo usamos nosotros, por ejemplo:

    "and he went "oh I can´t be arsed to do it"" = "y va y dice..."
  3. Bilma Senior Member

    Spanish Mexico
    y acabamos diciendo....

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