''end up with something'' vs ''end up ''


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Once I did not go to school and that day teacher did a chemical experiment in the labrotary.

I want to ask the teacher the result of the experiment and I want to use ''end up''

A)How did you end up with the chemical reaction?

B)How did the chemical reaction end up?

C)How did the chemical reaction end?

Can sentence b and sentence c be alternative to sentence a ?(in the same meaning ?)

Are all idiomatic and gramatically correct?
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    How did the experiment turn out? is possible, especially if neither you nor the teacher knew beforehand how the experiment was going to turn out.

    "End up" is used a little differently than in your sentences:

    "How did you end up with a brown residue when you did the experiment?"
    "I added water to an acid and ended up burning myself".
    "What did you end up with when you did the experiment?" (What was the final substance(s) that was produced?)

    (crossposted - perhaps there's an AE/BE difference in usage here)


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    I wouldn't use "end up" in that context, either. :(

    You could just about say "How did you end up with that result?" to express surprise if the experiment didn't produce the result you'd been expecting.
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