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Hi there,

Does anyone on this board know of any terms of endearments in Greek that would help in a project I'm working on? Male to female mostly.

Many thanks.:)
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    Maamel I gather you mean romantic terms of endearment in modern Greek.

    1. Μάτια/Ματάκια μου
    2. Καρδιά/Καρδούλα μου
    3. Ψυχή/Ψυχούλα μου
    4. Μωρό/Μωράκι μου
    5. Ζουζούνι μου
    6. Αγαπούλα μου
    7. Χαρά μου
    8. Φως μου/φως της ψυχής μου/φως των ματιών μου
    9. ανάσα μου
    10. λατρεία μου

    These are all I can remember right now.

    Phonetic transcription:
    a = apple, pass , i = ink, igloo, e= elephant, ethnic, o = omnibus, snob, ou - coup
    th = theatre, d = th in the d in maldita, g= y in you, w in was, ll in billet (FR), g in negra/ ll in lleno (SP) (that's what "la camisa negra" does to you!), s always as double ss (never /z/),h as in how or wh in who

    1. Matia/Matakia mou
    2. Kardia/Kardoula mou
    3. Psihi/Psihoula mou
    4. Moro/Moraki mou
    5. Zouzouni mou
    6. agapoula mou
    7. Hara mou
    8. Fos mou/Fos tis psihis mou/fos ton mation mou
    9. anasa mou
    10. latria mou

    Meaning.(the diminutive form has by no means any connotations of "smallness")

    1. My eyes/my little eyes
    2. My heart/my little heart
    3. My soul/my little soul
    4. My baby/my little baby
    5. My bug (weird huh? mainly used by the younger generation)
    6. My little love (there's of course Αγάπη μου, agapi mou, my love too)
    7. My joy
    8. My light/Light of my soul/light of my eyes
    9. My breath
    10. My darling (λατρεία has the meaning of "worshiping" so a more accurate translation is my (person that I worship)
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