Endeavour vs attempt vs effort


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Hi, as a native Italian, I have not clearly understood the difference (if there is any) between the words Endeavour and Attempt / Effort.

If these sentences are correct (they should):

Enthusiasm is a vital ingredient in all human endeavour.

He has the ability to achieve success in whatever field of endeavour he should choose.

There have been great advances in the field of scientific endeavour.

Then, I find it difficult to simply replace the word Endeavour with either Attempt or Effort. If I do it, I have the feeling that some meaning is lost... (like the "epic" quality of the effort 😆)

What meaning exactly does Endeavour add to the words Attempt and Effort?

Thank you
  • As a noun it can mean "activity directed toward a goal," and possible synonyms include "enterprise" and "undertaking." But "field of endeavor" is a common formula or cliché. It doesn't mean "attempt" in the contexts above.

    Definition of ENDEAVOR
    The word attempt (as a verb) is pretty much interchangeable with try, but just a little more formal.

    The verb endeavour is much more formal, to the point of sounding literary. And as a noun, it implies a course of action (especially a worthy one) that has been thoroughly thought through in advance.
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    "Pursuit" is another possible synonym in some contexts. Not in the meaning of "chase," but in the meaning of "an undertaking one sets out to achieve."
    Thank you all! Endeavour, as a noun, if I understood correctly, often implies a worthy purpose, an evolution of our person or a progress of human knowledge and skills