Enduring Strength


French; English, Hebrew
How would you translate "enduring strength" in the following sentence:

"It gives you part of G-d's enduring strength"

Cela nous donne une part de la capacite d'endurance de D-ieu - ou de tolerance ?

Merci de votre aide!
  • Geula

    French; English, Hebrew
    Thanks for your help Bloomie. I didn't think of that. In the context of kabbalah, what I am trying to translate is about the Sefirot of Hod and Netzach, representing Endurance and Humility.

    The sentence before is: "Acknowledging that your strengths come from a higher place gives you the power to endure far beyond your own perceived capacity. It gives you part of G-d's enduring strength.... I translated by:
    Reconnaître que nos forces proviennent d'une source supérieure nous donne la possibilité de supporter bien plus que ce que l'on pourrait croire. Cela nous donne accès à la tolérance divine.
    Any suggestion? Diriez- vous: Cela nous donne acces a la puissance eternelle de D-ieu.
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