Energetic Revolution


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Could you give me your interpretation of energetic revolution in the following context?

Saving energy is also part of the preventive job done by the women in the province for the adequate use of the electric appliances provided by the Cuba’s Energetic Revolution. The Energetic Revolution meant the systematic replacement of incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents, as well as the exchange of older domestic appliances, refrigerators, televisions, fans, and other electricity-consuming goods, for new, more efficient models. The plan also includes to shutter the old electric power plants and replace them with smaller, more efficient power plants, all of which are interconnected.
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    A revolution relating to energy, in the same way that "industrial revolution" refers to a revolution relating to industry or "agricultural revolution" refers to a revolution in agriculture.


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    Indeed, although "energetic" in physics can mean "related to energy", the more common understanding is "involving or showing great energy or activity". We would be more likely to refer to this as "Cuba's Energy Revolution".
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