Energy efficient laminated hurricane-rated glazing


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Here is again an iterm from a Busines Plan of a luxurious condo project in USA on my hand.

Energy efficient laminated hurricane-rated glazing

I looked up the word "glazing", and found it can mean "glass windows and doors", but then it does not make sense with "energy efficient",

one of my colleagues says "glazing" may mean "paint on window", then it makes sense with "engery-efficient" since it is reported that some paint can reflect more light, then one need not use light very often, thus saving energy. But then it makes no sense together with "laminated", since "laminated" mean "consists of thin layers of something".

Can anyone tell me how I should understand it? Thank you in advance!
  • Giordano Bruno

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    "glazing" does not mean "paint on windows". As FF says, glazing probably refers to the type of glass. It could also refer to the method of fixing the glass.
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