enforce <expectations> on their citizens

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Does "enforce expectations on their citizens" mean "enforce expectations (of loyalty to the authoritarian regimes) on their citizens"?

Thanks in advance
He’s a man who cares deeply about loyalty. The two qualities merge in the way he wields bullshit. His flagrant lies serve as a loyalty test.

Trump’s tactics, in a different context, would be understood as typical authoritarian propaganda — regimes often propound nonsense more to enforce expectations on their citizens than because they are expecting anyone to actually believe it. The United States isn’t the kind of place where that can work.


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    No, I think not. Because they are talking about nonsense and bullshit at this point, to me it means that they are enforcing expectations of bullshit, of hearing that type of language from the regime.
    But I could be wrong - I'd love a second opinion.


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    In this situation, I see enforce expectations on their citizens as the use of propaganda providing examples of what they expect the citizens to adhere to in their behavior and speech.

    For example, if the representatives of a tyrant publically spread this message "The king is divine, his word is infallible," they are expecting people to represent this propaganda in word and deed when issues related to the king arise.
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