enforce the prompt

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Pavel Pin

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Walter is volunteered to a place to treat Cholera patients. So people are burying the corpses near the water bodies otherwise Warlord will send his army. Walter said to Warlord who is leader of that place:

Our plan is to divert the water to the town from the fields upriver...above the burial grounds. With your permission and the assistance of your troops...the graves will be moved away from the water. And Colonel Yu and his men...will enforce the prompt burial of the dead...maintaining the integrity of the water sources...and enforcing proper sanitation over the next few weeks.

What is the meaning of "enforce the prompt"?

Source: The Painted Veil 2006
  • elroy

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    US English, Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    “Prompt” is an adjective modifying “burial.” “Burial” is the object of “enforce.”
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