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    There it goes, ewie:
    Member States are being asked to implement a number of new guidelines in critical areas such as making practical information on opportunities in other EU countries easily available, improving cooperation between national authorities and strengthening the transposition, application and enforcement of Single Market rules on the ground.


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    Hi there!
    I only just saw this thread, so it may be I'm too late to help, but here goes:

    transposition: modifications needed to make the rules conformant to national legislation (think of it as step one - almost a debate)

    application: anything needed to practically introduce the rules in the competent national bodies' everyday life (step two - lots of red tape)

    enforcement: anything needed to ensure that the rules are 'obeyed' within the country (step three, presumably the proof that steps 1 and 2 have been duly completed)

    I hope this helps...


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    I'm afraid to confuse all of you, but I want to participate this thred.
    Are the guidelines you mentioned have any relationship with,
    EU Regulation,
    EU Directive,
    EU Notice ?
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    Thanks for the ego boost! But please note that the explanation is based on my personal experience and research as a translator. I have had no legal training whatsoever, so you may want to double-check...
    All the best...
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